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Boost yourself to the next level!
Car enthusiasts around the world will agree that nothing compares to the purr of a roaring engine or the rapid acceleration on a high-performance sports car. Whether you’re looking to improve your everyday fuel mileage or trying to shatter your current racing time, turbo kits can take the performance of your car, diesel engine, or motorcycle to the next level.

Turbo kits are a popular way to improve engine performance for all types of vehicles because a turbo can significantly boost an engines horsepower without adding a tremendous amount of weight. This forced-induction system compresses the air-flow into the engine so the engine can force more air into a cylinder. Pushing more air into the cylinders allows for more fuel to be added and as a result more power for each explosion within the cylinders. A turbocharged engine produces more power and can improve the engines power-to-weight ratio drastically.

We provide complete kits or individual kit components such as turbo, manifolds, downpipes, injectors, ECUs and intercoolers for most vehicle makes and models. All kits are new and most come with a parts warranty. Typical kit installation time takes 1 week and offers outstanding support to handle all your questions and problems. Most turbo kits deliver 40%-60% additional horsepower to a stock engine. Higher HP kits are also available for modified engines.