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Exhaust System

When it comes to performance exhaust systems, most people are looking for three things: Power, sound, and quality. FRK Exhaust Systems deliver the best of all three, giving it both great sound and performance. One of the first performance upgrades typically made to a vehicle is the addition of a performance exhaust system. Each system is tuned to provide the best possible exhaust tone without being overwhelming from within the vehicle. By replacing the restrictive factory exhaust system with free flowing tubing and quality performance mufflers, FRK RACING has developed the power, sound, and efficiency desired in a vehicle. Each kit is finished with high quality hardware and compatible of simple hassle-free bolt-on installation.

Every FRK racing header engineered to deliver more usable horsepower and torque at low and mid range RPM highway speeds. Improves engine’s ability to breathe and reduces engine operating temperature. Our headers are engineered as a direct replacement for the factory manifold.

Our goal: A cost-effective system that delivers more performance for the money than any other system. One that not only increases horsepower and fuel economy, it also expands the power bands without compromising engine life, the engine runs cooler and the entire system (including installation) is hassle-free.

FRK RACING Heritage of quality and performance sets the standard for the exhaust industry. To follow our commitment to improve and develop new exhaust systems provides the broadest range and best-engineered systems available today! As a company pledged to provide excellent customer service and technical support, we understand the need for quality products at an affordable price.


  • Performance headers
  • Free flow mufflers
  • Unrestricted custom turbo down pipes