• Engine upgrades-engine rebuilding/reconditioning, blueprinting, high performance engine building (to suit turbo, race or street applications)
  • Suspension upgrades-for enhanced comfort and involving handling experience (frk strengthened suspension,koni,tein,DMS,hotbits,D2,JA suspension, ARC, ironman, arb and etc.)
  • Braking system upgrades-for enhanced braking (performance brake pads, rotors and calipers kit)
  • Body modification- wide body kits, skirts, body fabrication, customized fiber glass fabrication, spoilers and customized painting.
  • Vehicle diagnostics-on-board fault diagnostics and solution/repairs of modern cars.
  • ECU upgrades-Aftermarket ECU fitment/tuning solution for enhanced performance (AEM, HONDATA, LINK, RACEDYNAMICS, HALTECH, GREDDY, motec and etc.)
  • Induction system/air filter upgrade (k&n and piper cross)
  • Exhaust system upgrade (calculated headers, free flow exhausts, MAGNAFLOW, HKS, REMUS and etc.)
  • Rally/Race preparation for all national championships according to specification & event service support.
  • . Off road 4x4 preparation (winches, snorkels, high lift kits, roll cages, body modification, off road wheel/tires, engine/gearbox modification and off-road accessories).
  • ECU REMAPPING SERVICE (Performance tuning and Economy tuning).
  • Premium car service-routine maintenance and service of your premium brand cars.
  • Vintage car restoration work.
  • High performance lighting fitment-high quality mounting brackets for your performance lighting (hella rally series, light force and etc.)
  • Ultra high performance modifications for huge performance gains(turbo charging, supercharging and nitrous applications).

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